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  • Reliable Service

    Reliable Service

    You can count on the staff at Herman's Auto to get your car into working condition as soon as possible. With 40 years of serving Kingston behind us, it's no wonder we guarantee our services.

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  • Proactive Care

    Proactive Care

    Talk to one of our staff today about getting a FREE quote for regularly scheduled maintenance in order to avoid damage costs.

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  • You're Covered

    You're Covered

    Whether you have an issue with brakes, tires, air conditioning, or oil changes, we can help you at Herman's Auto. Check out services in more detail.

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Herman's Auto

Your Choice for Auto Repairs

car and vehicle service satisfaction guarantee

Located and operated in Kingston Ontario, Herman's Auto has been proudly repairing and serving your vehicles for over 40 years. We are a full service auto repair shop dedicated to fixing your car or truck until you are satisfied. If you need immediate attention to your brakes, engine, tires or some strange noise, come to us. Our certified technicians will treat you and your vehicle right!

Let us work with you to develop a preventative maintenance plan to help ensure your car is running efficiently.

Let us help you keep you and your family safe. Come on in and ask for Stephen. Find out what makes him confident enough to guarantee our service, like founder Herman before him.

Auto Services we Provide

Motor Vehicle Inspections
Oil & Lube
Brakes, Shocks, Struts
Tires and wheels
Transmission and clutch
Engine mechanical
Windshield Wipers
Air Conditioning
Cooling system
Electrical system
Exhaust system
Final drive and differential
Steering system
Rust Proofing



It is important that we use products and parts from suppliers who share our dedication to quality, reliance, and continuous improvement.

We are committed to providing you the best parts and the best service.

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Winter Season Car Care

A winter in Canada can throw slush, deep snow, slick cold pavement, and sheets of ice under your tires. In the holiday season, travel is the reality for many Canadians, so be sure your car is prepared for the trip.

Here are some things you should check before the snow hits:

  1. Battery life: cold is generally detrimental to batteries, ensure secure and corrosion-free connections.
  2. Check your brakes: worn brakes is not something worth risking on slippery roads.
  3. Wax your lights: headlight covers can get cloudy, make sure they’re clean and free of ice and snow.
  4. Tire pressure: a 5 degree difference in temperature can change the pressure of your tires by 1psi.
  5. Gas tank: keep it at least half full to prevent your gas line from freezing.
  6. Avoid cruising: if your tires slip in cruise control, your car will accelerate to try to maintain that speed, causing tires to spin out.

Winter driving can be very dangerous, so exercise caution, take it slow in poor weather conditions, and be sure to accelerate and break gradually. If the look of the weather makes you nervous, don’t risk it, pull over or just stay in and wait it out.

Preventative Maintenance

prevantative maintenance auto careThere are industry standards in place to help you determine when you should service your vehicle. It is proven that regular inspections and care to your vehicle can save you costly repairs, reduce gas consumption, and reduce harmful emissions.

When is it Time?

when service car auto shopSometimes it is hard for a car owner to figure out when their car should be serviced. This can vary from driver and vehicle. An older car may require more care. A car that is driven on city roads may require different care from a car that is primarily highway driven. If you are unsure about your car service needs, please come and talk to us. We will work with you to set up a schedule that is convenient and customized to your car and your driving needs.

Our Commitment to the Environment

auto shop commitment to environment green alternatives parts recyclingHerman's Auto follows Ontario Ministry of Environment recommended actions for safe disposal of waste products, including motor oils, solvents, waste water, used tires and batteries. We try to purchase and use green alternative cleaning products and use suppliers who accept containers for recycling. You can help us with our commitment by bringing us your used vehicle batteries for safe disposal and by scheduling regular vehicle check-ups to ensure that your vehicle is running efficiently.