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Keep you and your family safe. Slow down your busy life and take your vehicle for a brake inspection. Learn the warning signs of faulty brakes.

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Resources and Links

Herman's Auto: our commitment to safety and the enviroment.

We have provided some helpful links that show our commitment to a Greener Planet and our dedication to keeping you and your family safe on the roads.

If you would like to see some other links or information that you think will help your fellow Kingstonians, please contact us. If we agree with you, we will add that here for others to benefit from.

Ontario Motor Vehicle Certification

The Vehicle Certification Program makes it more difficult to put stolen and damaged vehicles on Ontario roads and protects you as a purchaser of a used vehicle.

The Ministry of Transportation has a "branding" program that identifies vehicles that are not safe for the road. When you are shopping for a new vehicle you should ensure that a safety inspection has been completed on it before you purchase. Herman's Auto is certified by the Government of Ontario to inspect vehicles and issue Safety Certificates. There are strict guidelines to determine if a vehicle is safe for the roads and the Safety Certificate verifies this. You will not be able to get plates for your used vehicle unless you have a Safety Certificate.

Please visit the Ontario Ministry of Transportation for detailed instructions and procedures that ensure your vehicle can be licensed and driven.

Child Car Seats

It's the Law! Keep your child safe. Here are some useful links to help you understand and make choices for appropriate vehicle child safety restraints.

Recycle Used Vehicle Tires

recycle used tires green auto shopWe all have a responsibility to help clean up our environment and reduce our footprint on the planet. Vehicle repair is a messy business with many byproducts that, if discarded incorrectly, could release harmful

emissions and chemicals into our environment. We mention our commitment to the environment on our home page, however although it is important we do our part it is equally important to us that our partners and affiliates have the same dedication.

The Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association has been the voice of the auto recycling industry in Ontario since 1992. OARA has kept Auto Recyclers informed and involved with input and information into current industry trends and government legislative initiatives that affect auto recyclers.

Learn more about safe disposal of hazardous waste.

Your Tires can Save you Money

One of the least expensive ways to ensure that you are saving on gas mileage and costly tire replacement is to ensure that your tires are properly inflated. Under-inflated tires wear out faster and contribute to higher gas consumption. Invest in a tire gauge and check your tire pressure at least once a month. Here are some helpful tips to increase your fuel efficiency and get the maximum use out of your tires.

  • Check your vehicle tire pressure each month
  • Maintain your tire pressure according to your tire manufacturer
  • You can find the correct psi on the sidewall of your tire or the owners manual of your vehicle
  • Check your tires when your car has been idle for several hours or when it is cool outside
  • Use seasonal tires and store properly between use
  • Do not use winter tires in the summer, the thicker tread will use more gas

Preventative Maintenance

prevantative maintenance auto careThere are industry standards in place to help you determine when you should service your vehicle. It is proven that regular inspections and care to your vehicle can save you costly repairs, reduce gas consumption, and reduce harmful emissions.

When is it Time?

when service car auto shopSometimes it is hard for a car owner to figure out when their car should be serviced. This can vary from driver and vehicle. An older car may require more care. A car that is driven on city roads may require different care from a car that is primarily highway driven. If you are unsure about your car service needs, please come and talk to us. We will work with you to set up a schedule that is convenient and customized to your car and your driving needs.

Our Commitment to the Environment

auto shop commitment to environment green alternatives parts recyclingHerman's Auto follows Ontario Ministry of Environment recommended actions for safe disposal of waste products, including motor oils, solvents, waste water, used tires and batteries. We try to purchase and use green alternative cleaning products and use suppliers who accept containers for recycling. You can help us with our commitment by bringing us your used vehicle batteries for safe disposal and by scheduling regular vehicle check-ups to ensure that your vehicle is running efficiently.