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Winter Maintenance

Winter in Canada can throw slush, deep snow, slick cold pavement, and sheets of ice under your tires. In the holiday season, travel is an unavoidable reality for many Canadians, so be sure your car is prepared for the trip.

Here are some things you should check before the snow hits:

Side view mirror of car driving in snow by Emilia Morariu via Unsplash

Make sure you get your car checked out before winter comes. When bringing your car to Herman’s Auto for winter maintenance, we will:

Winter driving can be very dangerous, so exercise caution, take it slow in poor weather conditions, and be sure to accelerate and brake gradually. If the look of the weather makes you nervous, don’t risk it, pull over or just stay in and wait it out.

Driving in winter without getting your car checked can be dangerous. Trust in Herman’s Auto to ensure that your car is up to snuff during winter treks. Our experienced technicians will help you drive with confidence.